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Dmitry - Moscow Russia Amazing, colourful and personally designed shoes!

They are so vibrant in colours, so flamboyant in nature and more importantly such fresh designs.

Me and my husband bought a few pairs each - and it was very hard to make choice and stop!

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I call it artwork because I saw a perfect combination of ideas, design, quality and realization.

Art is not meant to be exhibited only on the white walls of the galleries.

It’s supposed to be among the people making their daily life a bit more special and spiced up with beauty.

So I believe that rather than travelling to have shopping in other countries, we can bring such brand to our city and make it expand and make people happy.

Ali - Iraq When I was on holiday in Bodrum this summer, I first saw the shop of DOGO. It not only provides a comfort for users but also creates a positive mood, allows you to stand out in a crowd. Viktoriya - Ukraine Just recently, we travelled to Istanbul to visit this beautiful city.

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