Is solange knowles dating alan ferguson

She very often favours zesty shades of orange and yellow, but this look really had us reaching for our sunglasses!

His girl who is also the younger sister of Beyonce has been caught on tape in what allegedly seems like a physical assault from her to none else then her big sis’ s man Jay Z!Solange, who is also the founder of music label, Saint Heron Records, has a busy couple of months ahead as she's been asked to curate nightly stage performances for the SELECT art fair in Miami this December.In a statement at the time, the family said: 'At the end of the day families have problems and we're no different. Jamie Linden Jamie Linden is the boyfriend and rumored fiancee of actress Rachel Mc Adams.The Canadian actress announced she was expecting her first child on February 22, 2018.Solange Knowles is engaged to Alan Ferguson after five years of dating, and she claims it’s the most stable relationship she has ever had.She was married before to Daniel Smith, although the two divorced in 2007.Solange had to date a lot of losers to find Alan, but is Jay-Z one of Beyonce’s losers or her soul mate?Now that Solange is getting married again, do you think she’ll insist on her sister getting divorced and going back out there in search of true love?Solange recently stated, And I guess a lack of conflict forced her to intervene in her sister’s life, considering the infamous elevator attack on Jay-Z and all.However, Solange is clearly indicating that she got over dating losers and found the ‘one’ in Alan, something that her sister can’t seem to do.

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