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Archie takes his music very seriously as leader of his own teen rock group, The Archies, in which he plays guitar and sings lead vocals.

For over 65 years, Archie has been an enduring symbol of the classic American teenager.

She has traveled around the world and is the only member of the Archie gang who has really spent a lot of time outside of Riverdale.

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Veronica Lodge is Riverdale's resident rich girl and brunette bombshell.Betty is generally even-keeled, but the ongoing drama of competing with Veronica for Archie can make her very emotional.She has been known to write tear-stained entries in her diary over Archie, and to be pushed so hard by Veronica that it gets her ire up, strengthening her resolve to win Archie over that much more and providing the adrenaline rush needed to successfully combat Veronicas crafty schemes.Jughead often acts as a Greek Chorus, content to watch the action from the sidelines instead of getting directly involved, except to make snide comments.He is completely savvy in almost any situation, which makes him even smarter than the book-smart Dilton in most cases.Seemingly simplistic, Jugheads personality is actually very complex-- theres always more to him than meets the eye. Yet, Jughead himself is not too interested in girls, especially when he sees what Archie goes through.The offbeat, eccentric pal of Archie, Jughead is self-confident and never worries about what others think of the way he acts or dresses. He prefers keeping a low profile, especially when it comes to work.The girl who has almost everything: great looks, money, charm and some of the time.... You see, Archie is constantly torn between Betty and her Ill do anything for you qualities and Veronicas irresistible femme fatale persona.Veronica is actually both a rival and a best friend to Betty Cooper.Her father, Hiram Lodge, is a self made multi-millionaire industrialist and venture capitalist who seems to give his only daughter pretty much everything she wants or needs. Veronica performs okay in school, but shes not nearly the Honors Student that Betty is, which is somewhat of an annoyance to Veronica.Veronica does manage to "one up" Betty when it comes to Archie-- but the two girls can never stay mad at one another for long.

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