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The dreamer felt that the jail she was in during the dream was a symbol of her own self punishment as she was angry with herself for not achieving anything.

The dreamer wished to be like this man in the dream, an achiever.

Which book haven’t you read yet because you haven’t had the time?The dream was therefore dealing with the dreamers phobias and his tendency to feel inferior to others for no reason.Example dream : An exclusive college (Eton) which is intimidating symbolised the dreamers nervousness around new people.Sorry, and I haven’t read it yet because Anne Boleyn dies!This woman reminded her of her mother as she was tough and determined.When Tommy's parents return home, Uncle Ernie is sitting and reading a newspaper as if nothing has happened.Tommy's father is not fooled, however, and burns Ernie's newspaper while glowering at him threateningly.Which book haven’t you read yet because it’s brand new?I’m also trying to be more aware of indigenous American history and lives generally, and I’m hoping to read more from Indian authors in the upcoming year.I like to try new things and always looking for more fun in and out of the bedroom.Her forthcoming LP, Honest Life, picks up where her last left off, melding her country croon with sublime bits of pedal steel and weary piano that are designed to wring both sorrow and optimism throughout the course of every song.

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