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And besides, saying that sex can be defined in spiritual terms doesn’t have to include organized religion.

For some, sex is spiritual because they feel like it brings them closer to a 'higher power.' For others it is their personal religious beliefs that guide their sexual behaviors.

As such every search for information, tips and techniques, or answers to sexual problems can benefit from taking a moment to make sure we know what we’re talking about when we talk about sex.

The most obvious and most frequently talked about aspect of sex is the sexual behaviors we engage in, alone or with others.

మధు: ఒసే మబ్బు దానా…అటు ఇటు తిరిగితే ఇంకా ఎక్కువ ఆకలి వేస్తుంది జాగ్రత్త..

రేవతి: నేనే నేనే…నాకు ఆకలేసి అటు ఇటు నడుస్తున్నా సారీ..

It’s often said that the greatest sex organ is the brain (and more than a few comedians have pointed out that it's the largest sex organ also).

How we think and feel about our bodies and ourselves, and how we interpret the physical contact we have with others is really what distinguishes good sex from bad.

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