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And she didn't say, simply, "Yes.""I said, 'Heck yes,'" Moore posted.

"#engagedtomybestfriend."Kress popped the question during sunset on the side of a cliff overlooking the hills of the Angeles National Forest near L. Photos posted by the two show the two on the side of a road, beside a classic convertible and a bottle of wine or Champagne sitting on a small, wooden fold-out table covered by a red and white checkered tablecloth.

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They're also both former members of the Groundlings.They did really, really well."When asked which One Direction member was their favourite, Kress said: "I think Niall, he was the goofball of the group, he was messing around the most. Just two months after Nathan Kress got hitched to his sweetheart London Elise Moore, the actors who played Lewbert, the doorman and superfan Nora Dershlit got married.The couple had been chronicling the pregnancy on both of their Instagram accounts for the past few months.“A lovely picture of me, my husband, and our unborn bebe.Earlier this month, Morrow shared a picture of herself holding her baby bump."A lovely picture of me, my husband, and our unborn bebe," she joked., Kress said: "She knew all our names, she knew all her lines.Did this cause you to dive into whichever bottle of cheap liquor was most readily available to you come New Year's Eve? Answer one or all of these questions in the comments below.stars Danielle Morrow and Jeremy Rowley have welcomed a baby boy together., tied the knot on Sunday in front of family, friends and several of his former castmates.Kress, 22, and London Elise Moore wed in an outdoor ceremony at the Villa del Sol d’Oro in Sierra Madre, California, according to images shared by wedding attendees.

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  1. At the funeral, a touch of your hand, a look in your eye or even a hug communicates more than words could ever say. Remember that your grieving friend may need you more in the weeks and months after the funeral than at the time of the death.