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Houston drivers were in for a surprise on Sunday afternoon when a naked man was spotted running down the highway.

The 26-year-old nude runner held on to a piece of paper and his wallet as he jogged along the shoulder of Loop 610 in Houston near Gulfgate Mall.

Officers found a woman's body partially clothed on the side of a street in southwest Houston early Monday morning, police said.

Officers arrived to the 9800 block of Brooklet in the Alief area around 2 a.m. The victim, who appeared to be under the age of 30, was not wearing pants or underwear.

The woman did not have any ID on her, police said, but one distinctive mark is the "Black Candy" tattoo on her outer left ankle.

Wie viel verdient ein Naked Lime-Mitarbeiter in Region Houston, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika?

They explained, “He was in a car when he began feeling hot, so he got out of the car and took off his clothes.

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The Houston Police Department later confirmed that the incident was drug related.

Many people took video or snapped photos out of their car windows.

Driver Miguel Chavez was one of the fascinated witnesses.

CW39 quotes Chavez as saying, “We were trying to get his attention, but he was like focused like he was running a marathon or something.

I know his feet were cut up cause there are nails, glass, and everything on the highway.” Chavez’s video went viral quickly on Twitter.

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