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Namely, you must take out enough cash for the entirety of the trip.American credit cards do not work in Cuba, so it’s very important to bring enough cash for your stay.In just three days in Cuba, we drank countless mojitos, ate our way through a flourishing foodie scene, and, above all, met so many wonderful people who were eager to show us the Havana they know.

Aside from purchasing the visa, the only other step at the airport was to sign the OFAC “general license” form in which we checked off the box indicating we’d be partaking in a “people-to-people” trip. Day One After landing and clearing customs, our bag was waiting for us at the luggage carousel, despite many warnings that baggage claim at the Havana airport was painfully slow.

We had pre-arranged a pick up with our Airbnb host, and the driver was waiting for us at the Arrivals Hall as we exited.

The first thing most people do in Cuba is exchange money at the airport to Cuban CUCs.

It’s best to also visit a bank at home and exchange all the money you want to bring into either Euros or Canadian Dollars.

Due to the embargo between the US and Cuba, American Dollar exchanges are subject to a 10% penalty which Euro and Canadian Dollar exchanges do not incur.

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