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13 years ago, the two of us, bright-eyed young adults in their 20s brimming with idealism and enthusiasm, took our first steps into the love industry not really knowing how it works. In the first few years, we took on clients and worked hard to find matches and arrange dates.

We also believe that this would be the key to building a better dating and relationship industry.

As in every strong prevention effort, it is important to get your students’ parents or guardians involved in your Safe Dates program.

A letter informing caregivers of the Safe Dates program is located on the CD-ROM, as is a two-page education newsletter that you can send to parents and guardians or keep on hand, in case you need to talk to a caregiver about this issue.

If you do not have time to complete all ten sessions, the curriculum has suggestions for a six-session or four-session program.

She then sent a link for the Chemist Direct page from her phone to Mohammed who clicked on it and saved a picture of the bottle.

We have developed a Fidelity Checklist showing what must be done to ensure fidelity.

Through a bingo game and class discussions, students are introduced to the program and they evaluate how they would like to be treated in dating relationships.

CCTV images seen by a jury show a would-be ISIS bomber shopping for ingredients at Asda, a court has heard.

Munir Hassan Mohammed, 37, a Sudanese factory worker living in Derby, is accused of planning an attack with Rowaida el-Hassan, 33, a pharmacy graduate from Willesden, North London, after the pair met on the Single dating site.

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