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Bill was one of many young explorers hired by King Larry to explore this vast, unmapped forest. I fought for hours, slaughtering those who dared try to slay me.

It was said to be a cursed, sentient area that loved to play with its victims. Each stone, log, and tree was nearly identical in appearance and arrangement. The other explorers were either dead or at least a hundred miles away. I was hoping for a decent battle, but they disappointed me.

While the army I fought consisted of sickly, brainwashed sword fodder, the desert empire of the river tended to field highly trained soldiers. The only explanation I could think of was being enslaved, but the bed was too nice to be wasted on the bottom of society. It was beautiful, especially when you were far from the bright Cornerian cities.

Above Fox and Krystal were thousands of giant burning balls of gas trillions of miles away. It was an unusually cold winter, so the pair wore parkas usually reserved for icier planets. Krystal liked the snow and Fox liked having a reason to cuddle with her. That was the battlefield he had spent countless hours battling Venom fighters.

Just the other day, an older guy joked with me, “You should be married off by now.” The truth is, I can count on one hand the number of guys who have shown a romantic interest in me.

The truth is, I have friends who in complete honesty have told me, “I don’t understand why you don’t have a guy pursuing you.

We are taking on common misconceptions in Christian circles about dating and trying to reconcile them with real life situations.

He had flown close to Lylat’s star and saved a planet from complete destruction.

He s any relationship probably guy you article financial warning signals john nessel.

Summer prime time purchasing new homes moving after 20 years restaurant industry (15 independent owner.

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