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A boutique label like Testament likely has similar concerns to the major companies, and would prefer to sell four pretty consarned expensive records, as opposed to one moderately expensive one.

Let's be realistic, though, most serious music listeners will only have one in their collection (likely either Solti or Böhm).

Most listeners with a more-serious interest in Wagner will only have three or four (expanding to Levine, Barenboim, Furtwängler, Knappertsbusch, Krauss and the like).

Wagnerian fanatics might have ten or twelve copies (some maybe more), but we're not talking about a big audience here.

America was feeling good about itself, and rightly so. The concert itself was controversial even before it happened, and the final site at Yasgur's farm was the third site selected. The promoters found Max Yasgur's farm a few miles up Rte 17. No one assigned to the story could get near it, nor could any of the New York papers.

The first proposed site was in Middletown itself, but the Wallkill Zoning Board said no. But Middletown staffers there on their day off all gathered in the Press Tent and wrote the coverage that almost won the Pulitzer that year --"Only one vote off," said an editor later. Later, he said the smartest plan he had made was hiring a motorcyclist to carry film and stories through the choked, impassible traffic back to the paper. The Record put out a rare Saturday extra, which helped convince the publishers that the paper could sustain an increase from six days a week to seven.

If you did the same thing at Testament's own website, you could get it for £153.86, or roughly 2.32.

It also provides considerable savings over the four separate releases, which I bought separately, I might add with a note of bitterness, a fact which I shall demonstrate below.

As it receded into history, even as I went to college, I started telling this story as much for humor value as to brag about my father and mother.

I finally wrote it up for the local newspapers, but neither of the Minneapolis/St. While I would have liked to have my friends around here see it, the article really does belong in my father's paper, though he hasn't been associated with for decades.

Amazon currently lists the four records separately at, for , .98.

This comes to a grand total, if you bought the four together right now, 9.89 plus shipping and handling which, naturally varies.

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