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I'm trying to understand how to respond to mode changing events in a Form View control.I'm not using datasource controls, so I have to do more of the plumbing myself.

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event when an Update button (a button with its Command Name property set to "Update") within the control is clicked, but after the Form View control updates the record.event is raised when a button within the Form View control is clicked.This allows you to provide an event-handling method that performs a custom routine whenever this event occurs.I seem to have a problem with mode changing when using my detailsview control. protected void Detail View_Mode Changing(object sender, Details View Mode Event Args e) Now, when I click on edit or insert and trace, the program hits the right event, but I have to hit the button twice for the control to change mode.Even when it does change mode, regardless of which control I hit, the program will randomly decide if it is going to go into edit mode or update mode.So I might hit update and get the insert mode, or vice versa.When in either of these modes, I have to press cancel twice to return to readonly mode.....pretty frustrating. I have the same problem which I have been fighting with all day and can't work out.Raises the Page Index Changed and Page Index Changing events.event is raised when a button listed in the previous table is clicked, it is recommended that you use the events listed in the table for the operation.Do I have to call the Change Mode() method in the Mode Changing event handler? I can see the mode in the process of changing, because my Mode Changing handler gets called, but then the Mode Changed handler never gets called.- Mark Hi Mark, I had a look at the Form View control's code, and it seems Mode Changed event is only raised when formview is bound to a datasource control (i.e. See it for yourself: private void Handle New() Unfortunatelly, you have to handle Mode Changing event and call Change Mode() manually with e.

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