Error validating the digital signature of the updated manifest

Customers are more and more requesting agencies of liner companies to issue E-Bills of Lading, electronic invoices, electronic documents, so that transaction costs can be minimized. An electronic signature is the digitized image of a hand written signature.

So if you sign a document, the scanned image of this signature, when attached to the document serves the same purpose as that of the manual signature in the document.

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The first is to allow multi-architecture images, through a “fat manifest” which references image manifests for platform-specific versions of an image.

A QR code can be attached to a valuable document such as Bill of Lading (BL) when issuing the BL to the Shipper.

At the delivery port when the consignee surrenders the BL, the BL can be verified by any QR code image readers (such as Mobile phone) that the document received is genuine and not a forged document.

If the manifest being requested uses the new format, and the appropriate media type is not present in an header, the registry will assume that the client cannot handle the manifest as-is, and rewrite it on the fly into the old format.

If the object that would otherwise be returned is a manifest list, the registry will look up the appropriate manifest for the amd64 platform and linux OS, rewrite that manifest into the old format if necessary, and return the result to the client.

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