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For example, you can: You can store your form templates and their associated forms in a centralized repository on a server running Info Path Forms Services.

This makes it easy to find, share, and manage forms and form templates.

In other cases, you must publish the form template to a shared location on your corporate network and then contact a server farm administrator for assistance in enabling the form template and making it available on the server.

Administrator approval is required in the following scenarios: If administrator approval is required, the Publishing Wizard guides you through the steps of preparing the form template for hand-off to an administrator.

To create this type of form template, you design a browser-compatible form template in Info Path, publish it to a server running Info Path Forms Services, and enable it for use on the Web.

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For example, you can publish your form template to a server running Windows Share Point Services.If you enable the submit options for your form template, users also see a Submit button on the toolbar.When they click this button, the form data is submitted directly to the data source that you specified when designing the form template, such as a Web service or Share Point list.After a browser-compatible form template is browser-enabled, users can use their browser to fill out forms that are based on that form template.The user experience of filling out a form in a browser is nearly identical to that of filling out a form in Info Path.If your form template has more than one view, users will also see a View list on the toolbar. Users submit data to external data sources by clicking a Submit button on the toolbar. Users switch between views by clicking an item in the View list on the toolbar.When you design your form template, you can customize the toolbar settings in the Form Options dialog box.For example, controls such as repeating sections and features such as formulas and conditional formatting work the same way in both environments.Although filling out a form in a browser is like filling out a form in Info Path, there is one key difference.For example, a large insurance company can use a single browser-enabled form template to collect and process insurance claims.An insurance customer can use a browser to fill out the claim form on the company's Web site.

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