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It's enough to make PSOne Gran Turismo owners weep tears of joy.

As you move through the game the level of presentation is exceptional, with wonderfully clear menus and instructions etched onto the screen, and a million and one new cars to marvel over in the Garage, the body shop and on the race screen.Furthermore, you cannot tell me that in a vaguely competitive field of drivers the human player should always win, despite having a technically inferior vehicle. They only ever use the racing line, so it's not too difficult to avoid that.Breezing through later championships with a car that isn't even on the same page as the other five runners is pretty upsetting, especially when you've invested so much time in the game. For starters I have to talk about the graphics, which are simply amazing.As you make your way into the wake of that Dodge Viper GTS I mentioned earlier, you will want to make sure that you're not losing speed because of him, and the sound of the wind is your key here.Unfortunately GT3 boasts a stunning soundtrack to boot.Now for the moment all of you have been waiting for.If you’ve been following along with out helicopter photo update series, earlier this week we took a look at Sea World Orlando, then Disney Springs and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.) For this update we will be focusing on Disney’s Animal Kingdom… In this image you can see the ride track for the boat ride.Notice the track is not for your typical boat ride ride system (small world/maelstrom).Overtaking manoeuvres really get the blood pumping, but if developer Polyphony had managed to instil some logic into the minds of the other drivers the game would be even more exciting.Fending off a Dodge Viper with your Corvette's rear bumper is an unlikely scenario for a game that prides itself on its realism, and any game that allows you to lean on that Dodge Viper to get round a corner when you haven't braked hard enough is just taking the Mickey. You can blow away rival drivers by taking the corners with an ounce of bounce, or simply making sure they can't get up the inside of you.

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