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They spend their days and nights on the streets, hanging out with other homeless (perhaps fake homeless) kids, pretending to need money, food and assistance. A sick game, but a fantasy nonetheless that they can easily break any time they choose to.

I am not entirely sure giving money directly to homeless people helps them, because I do know that there are shelters available such as missionaries where they can go to sleep in a warm bed, and places like the Food Bank that will give them something to eat.

I had to beg for money and sleep on the streets for seven days, from December 19 to 26, with no communication with anyone except @goggiepunk03 who came once a day to change the batteries on my camera.

“We want to show the people about the growing problem that we have on homelessness and what a homeless person actually goes through on a daily basis, especially at Christmas where it should be a time of love and joy.

I once dated a guy who was homeless at one point in his life.

The Possil man told his followers: “On the week of Christmas, I went homeless.Other ways to help would be to donate to the local Food Bank, which by the way, also feeds many families who are temporarily in need because they’re currently unemployed and trying to make ends meet.Reality TV star James English went homeless for a week on the streets of Glasgow over the Christmas week, it has been revealed.First breaking the news on December 28, James shared an image of himself sitting in a city street looking tired while holding a cup out for change.READ MORE: 9 ways the homeless can be helped over the winter period He said: “I went homeless with nothing on me except the clothes on my back and my sleeping bag.He felt as though some people found it very difficult to wake up in the morning to go to work, cycle through 8 hours of work, come home exhausted, only to do it all over again 5 times a week just so they can pay for rent and food, and not much else.“ Read more of her post over at: Homeless versus The World Michelle basically made all the points in her post, but I will just go over a few of them that rang a bell with me. A lot of us don’t think we would ever be homeless but sometimes you can’t predict what the future will bring (knock on wood).Being homeless may not have even been their choice in the first place, but it was the only option available to them.If no one ever takes a chance on someone who genuinely wants to have a different life, then over time I think “homeless” becomes something of a permanent badge that can be very hard to remove after years of being downtrodden.“Me and @goggiepunk03 [freelance filmmaker Gordon Campbell] documented the full week and it will shock people on what they are going to see because no human should be living in these conditions.” READ MORE: North Glasgow café set to feed the lonely and vulnerable on Christmas Day James’ followers flooded his post to applaud him for his efforts.“So sad in this day and age that this is still happening.

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