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Again she said "yes." We went to my place and of course had sex.Not only did it work with the first "Love Girl", but it worked over and over again."Would you like to dance." Nothing more and nothing less.

From that point, the girl would invite me out, and generally increase the gradient of flirting and teasing to get a reaction out of me as she typically got from all those other men, and when she didn't get the reaction, she would up the ante of flirting, until she eventually, jumped me (had sex with me) to get a reaction.All I had to do was SPOT a love girl-- by her characteristic walk, dress, attitude, confront, etc. Then I got even smarter when I spotted this band one day.There were a dozen or so Love Girls in the audience.Three of the groups I classified women into in those days were: "Love-Girls," "regular women," and "the beautiful teases." The beautiful Teases gave most guys the most problems, the regular women were the hardest, and the Love Girls were the easiest (if you had technique and some balls) and were the most satisfying emotionally and were the best lovers physically.First of all I stood around for about a month and did nothing. I had just gotten divorced (from a wife who was also my first girl friend) and I was shy and didn't have much experience with women.Here is an excerpt EXAMPLE of the kind of information you will get in the BOOK regarding meeting women.(A relationship example is on the right hand side of the page under the Featured products section-- Do you know how to get a second date? There is not one system that works on all types of women.As soon as one did, I would shake my head as if to myself, and mutter some comment such as "Is she hot or what?" or "Wow."No matter what I said it was always a comment on how hot the girl who walked by was.(She wanted to get laid and wasn't going to waste time with a bunch of losers.She would just move on to the next club.)Every once in awhile, however, I would notice some guy would walk up to one of these Love Girls as she walked buy and simply ask her to dance.

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