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One chapter is devoted to the air pistols and one chapter to each different model of air rifle.

You could always take it off and measure the length. I think that you are either looking at the identical Pro Mag Tri-Rail Forend on Ebay, .95 or the preferable combination Pro Mag, , PM168 - Mossberg 500/590 (12 Gauge) Tri-Rail Forend and .

This measurement is critical to fit when ordering forends or stock sets that include a forend.

For the most part, 20-year and older sporting shotguns and new tactical shotguns use the 7-5/8" slide. NOTE: Since 2006, most new 500®, 535® and 835® sporting shotguns with synthetic forearms may not use an action slide tube at all; rather, the pump handle will have two integral bars pinned into the handle itself.

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Quackenbush to an airgun collector the first thing which usually comes to mind is the most common air rifle the Number 1.Also someone on here said the action bar for the Mav was rivited on the forend if I was tracking correctly. (Are you planning on wearing gloves with that hand-grater?I believe the measurement you need is the length of the metal tube inside the forearm. )"The Tri-Rail Forearm is for Mossberg 500 series (12 gauge) pre-2008 production.For those who don’t know what I’m talking about – Sue Vorenberg , a features writer at the Columbain wrote a Sunday feature on me last weekend.I have to admit, I am both proud and humbled by what was said about me, and would like to share it with you today. I spent the last week in Vegas and didn’t get a chance to write much about the subject before I flew out).I bet that you are upset if you have the 6-1/2" integrated action slide bar forend.On the other hand, if you have the 6-1/2" forend with the 6-1/2" action slide tube assembly, you can add the Hogue Forend Adapter. New sporting models have used the 6-1/2" slide for almost 20 years. If you have one of these, you cannot use a forearm that was designed to go over an action slide tube without first buying the correct length action slide tube assembly an action slide tube nut [forend nut]." -- Havlin Sales If you have the 7-5/8" assembly, order your Pro Mag Tri-Rail Forend.If you have a 6-1/2" forend that also has integrated action slide bars (ones before 2006 were not integrated), you may order the 7-5/8" Action Slide Tube Assembly (with two action slide bars) from Havlin sales, or from Bob's Gun Shop, or from Numrich, #53170A, .90 an Action Slide Tube Nut (Forend Nut) from Havlin Sales, or from Bob's Gun Shop, or from Brownells SKU #:631-000-169, .69, back ordered You may save money if you can locate any 7-5/8" forend WITH an included action slide tube assembly AND an action slide tube nut (forend nut) just for the two parts that you need.Click the picture below to be directed to the In my Introduction to the Girls Gun Getaway, I shared with you a little bit about how the whole event got started and who was there. I was lucky enough to get to travel with Shelley and Anette out of Seattle and meet up with Natalie for the last leg of our journey.… It’s been talked about on facebook, blogged about at Ammo Land and Gunmart Blog, and tweeted about like crazy.Pictures have cropped up, and one or two have even gone viral.

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