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Every woman will also, inevitably, decide she prefers having a "Good Guy" instead -- a guy she can trust to be there for her when she needs him.

While most guys do fall closer to one end of the spectrum than the other, it is possible to find guys who possess both the traits of the Bad Boy and the Good Guy.

We need that bit of extra excitement -- a bit of uncertainty -- to keep the fire alive.

You need to find a Bad Boy who managed to turn into a Good Guy in order to get the best of both worlds.

It seems as if almost every want and need we have is closely paired with its exact opposite.

They’re the guys who will make sure you always have a fun time.

They are there to support you, to motivate you, to keep you on the right track.

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There are as many different types of bad boys as there are women who are attracted to them from a law-flouting drug user to the political activist but the thing that they usually have in common – and what makes them so attractive to women – is their passion and their potential.

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