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But there have been some unanswered questions as to how those who test positive should continue their lives."It's almost like an us and them, there's an assumption that you're negative, so go and get tested so that you can keep yourself safe from those positive people," said Shaba.AIDS is defined by the development of certain cancers, infections, or other severe clinical manifestations.The symptoms of HIV vary depending on the stage of infection.It is important that these tests are used in combination and in a specific order that has been validated and is based on HIV prevalence of the population being tested.HIV infection can be detected with great accuracy, using WHO prequalified tests within a validated approach.Immune function is typically measured by CD4 cell count.

"But it doesn't mean that people who are dating when positive should be careless." Unprotected sex can lead to the re-infection of someone who is HIV-positive, which could quicken the onset of fully-blown Aids."He said yes, he would have, so I asked him what the difference is in using a condom to prevent HIV transmission when you know the person's status." Besides the use of anti-retroviral drugs, a positive mental outlook and enjoyment of life is an important factor in extending the lifespan of a person who has the virus.Shaba believes that loneliness and isolation makes it more difficult for people to live healthily with HIV.A dating service for HIV-positive people in Zimbabwe has made a successful start with its first couples having been matched up.The agency, called Hapana, was launched two months ago and is challenging attitudes that society holds towards those living with the virus."You can be introduced to dozens of people who all find you absolutely attractive, but it's that one factor that stops everything in its tracks." The dating service takes its name from a popular song by Tanga Wekwa Sando, Hapana Asina Wake, meaning there is no-one without that special someone in their life."It's very pertinent, the risk of giving up and telling yourself that no-one will ever love me is real."If I can pair up just 10 people a month and they spend time together at the weekend or go for coffee, then I'd be the happiest woman around." Shaba has also written a book, Secrets of a Woman's Soul, which tells of her relationship with her mother, who died of an Aids-related disease.She hopes to send girls orphaned by Aids to university with funds raised from the book."I challenged the last date that I had who left me when I disclosed my status."I asked him whether he would have been comfortable having sexual relations with me using a condom, had I not disclosed.

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  2. The app also promises that it reviews each profile manually which may be feasible with smaller numbers of users, but has us questioning what it will do as it grows larger.