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After successful complete of both basic training and AIT, a soldier will graduate and get a spot for Airborne school.Airborne school lasts three weeks and is also done at Ft. Basic Training (Infantry Training Brigade): 9 weeks- Ft.On one of his pages, Ghoul described himself as an "extremist, terrorist, tough, brain-washed, radical, I love explosions, booby trapping, beheading the enemy." WRAL Investigates searched for conversations using Ghoul's Twitter names - most were in Arabic.When translated, some supported Ghoul's views, but there are also a number of responses that accuse Ghoul of being misguided about Islam.

The Special Forces MOS’s and length of training for each are as follows: Phase IV- approx.

​The FBI confirmed that Ghoul worked at the Snack Attack Convenience Store on Bragg Boulevard in Fayetteville.

Agents were able to locate the man in the photo and interviewed him, which prompted surveillance on Ghoul.

The languages and length of training for each are as follows: Special Forces Regimental First Formation & Graduation Once a soldier completes all five phases of the SFQC, he along with his family is invited to attend a graduation event in which the history of the Regiment will be explained.

In addition to this, he will be a part of the formal issuing of the Green Beret.

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