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The World Council of Churches explains in a detailed article on its website how these differences came to be, and notes that past efforts have been made to try and bring the two Easters together."The problem is that, while the use of the astronomical calculations will mean hardly any change for those churches that use the Gregorian calendar, the Orthodox churches have had painful experiences in the past with schisms resulting from calendar reforms, and are therefore very cautious about them," WCC says.

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Many credit the Egyptians for being the first, or one of the first civilizations to create and utilize a calendar.

I fully understand that this is a problem for the Copts in the West and am pleased to tell you that we as a Coptic church took the initiative to call for unifying the dates for Easter and Christmas between the two Calendars or at least start with one of the two.

So far, Easter unification seems to be easier, but that step is done, we can then move into unifying Christmas as well.

The lights begin to come down, the movies and the songs revert back to normal, and everything else just reminds us Orthodox that we celebrate Christmas on a different day.

And so, it is natural that around this time of year many of us begin to think about the Christmas date and whether we should be celebrating it all together at the same time.

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