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By now, you should have enough information about him to be able to find out more in a background check.And, should it come out that you’ve done so, remember this: The only one who’ll be upset about a background check is someone with something to hide.

Since you never really know who it is you’re communicating with, the best practice is to take it slow — really slow, as a matter of fact.

This is nobody’s business but your own, at least this early in any prospective relationship.

The more information you give out, even in little bits here and there, can be used against you. Guard Against Sending Photos It’s a natural tendency to want to share with another individual something that’s unique and endearing about you, such as personal photos.

Before you go out on that first meet or date, be sure you know who it is you’re dealing with.

Remember that there is still a risk that this individual could turn out to be someone other than he has portrayed himself to be.

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