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Seabourn strives for the peak of luxury with its ships: The Seabourn Quest, introduced in 2011 and refit in 2013, offers spacious accommodations, elegant dining, and exclusive productions to just 450 passengers.

Ships pass from the Gilded Age character of Newport and Bar Harbor up to the bucolic beauty of Canada’s forests along the St.

Admire the rugged coastline that surrounds Halifax, the world's second-largest natural harbor.

This beautifully preserved city is Nova Scotia's capital and was founded in 1749.

The city is most famous as the home of the Bluenose Schooner, the 19th-century privateer's dream machine.

In the Historic Properties section, warehouses that once stored siezed cargo from all over the world are now the city's trendiest shops and restaurants.

We currently have a collection of scarily good Halloween cruise deals available.It has one of the biggest and deepest natural harbours along the eastern seaboard of North America.Known as both a garrison town and Canada's naval base, this lively and sophisticated port is the oldest British town on the Canadian mainland, as well as the home of Canada's first representative government, first Protestant church, and first newspaper.Saguenay: Considered the gateway to Canada’s wilderness, this port sits by fjords overlapping with the Laurentian Shield – considered one of the world’s oldest rock formations.Conifer and hardwood forests introduce you to the landscape north of the country’s major metropolitan areas.Lawrence River with the following itineraries: Montreal to Boston: French Canada’s major cities – Montreal and Quebec City – start off this trip lasting 10 days.But the scenery soon shifts to the wilderness and small fishing villages, such as Saguenay, Baie-Comeau, and Gaspe, before the cruise arrives in Halifax, considered Eastern Canada’s major city.Although now a college town, Halifax originated in the 18th century and quickly became a major Canadian military base and port – crucial for both the country’s wars and industry.During your time visiting Halifax, you’ll find that the common characteristics of many cities and college towns prove to be a draw, but Canada’s stunning landscape, not far away from the borders, begs to be explored.Leaves changing color transform from tranquil green to burning yellow, orange, and red, and as your cruise’s backdrop, this seasonal occurrence frames a landscape of small fishing villages, mansions, French influences, and historical monuments dating back to colonial times.The scenic beauty and Old World charm are just open to a select few, however.

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