Cristiano ronaldo and paris dating internet dating for over 55s

Ronaldo got introduced to Jordana Jardel by her brother and Ronaldo’s Sporting Lisbon teammate, Mario Jardel.

So lame.” His sexy ex Nereida Gallard, 25, said the footballer was “too self-absorbed” to be interested in a long-term romance. By the way, Rodriguez reportedly works in the fashion industry but she's not a model -- despite her insane looks. Cristiano Ronaldo hit up one of the Happiest Places on Earth last week -- and strolled around with his rumored new girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez ... The two were seen kissing, laughing and smiling together and even took in a few rides.Cristiano, who is expected to visit his mother while he holidays in Portugal, sported a variety of tight shorts, pink garments and flowers during his break in the US. Hot new chick to make out with at Disneyland Paris? Ronaldo's having one helluva 2016 when it comes to women -- he was reportedly tied to former Miss Spain Desire Cordero Ferrer and before that was seen kissing fitness model Casi Davis. Let take a quick look at some of the women who have been associated with the soccer player: It is rumoured that before Ronaldo became a star in the world of soccer, he dated a gorgeous woman named Karina Ferro. She is the first woman to be associated with Ronaldo romantically in front of the media that thrives of his love life.Allegedly, Ronaldo dated this gorgeous woman back in 2002.She angrily dismissed reports that they had spent the night together as being “so lame” and insisted: “We’re just good friends.” She raged on Twitter: “It’s ridiculous!They make up vicious stories, and even though they are so far from the truth, it’s still hurtful.Rumour has it that Ronaldo dated this gorgeous Brazilian model in the year 2003.What her brother had to say about this relationship is not exactly known.

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