Consolidating travel

800-pound gorillas What's happening with online travel is mirrored in every sector of the industry, leaving travelers with ever expanding mega-corporations. Kevin Mitchell, chairman of the Business Travel Coalition, notes: "Most consumers cannot get all their needs met by one of these airlines.

In fact, there are thousands of monopoly markets, and as such, imperfect competition, and no true product substitution for many trips."Airline mergers differ from other travel mergers: Acquired brands continue operating under their own names in other travel sectors, but when airlines merge, the weaker name is retired and the company often contracts flights, routes and hubs.

This allows retail travel agents to have up to date information on the latest airfares.

Our dedicated fare loading team pride themselves on being the fastest and most accurate in the industry More One of Consolidated Travel Group's foremost functions is to issue tickets for travel agents on behalf of over 250 airlines throughout Australia.

Consolidation is also defined as a set of financial statements that presents a parent and a subsidiary company as one company.

Periods of consolidation can be found in price charts for any time interval, and these periods can last for days or months.

You visit three different online travel agencies (OTAs): Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity.

You even consider a cruise on Carnival, Holland America, Princess.

But since you haven't clicked the "about" pages on these sites, you're unaware all the brands within these four sectors are sister companies.

You compare prices among four budget hotels: Days Inn, Howard Johnson, Super 8, Travelodge.

You compare rental rates at Hertz, Dollar, Thrifty.

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