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This forum will feature new research by the New England Public Policy Center exploring if and how local governments in New England could save through greater consolidation of public safety, public health, and high-level government administration services.

The author and keynote speaker—Yolanda Kodrzycki, Vice President and Director of the Center—described current fragmentation and present analysis of the extent to which greater consolidation could yield long-term savings for local governments in New England, with specific focus on Massachusetts and Connecticut.

During her tenure as Executive Director, the FRCOG has grown to 45 employees with an operating budget of million, and is recognized as a leader in regionalism across Massachusetts. Governor Murray’s Massachusetts Regionalization Advisory Commission and is currently a gubernatorial appointment to the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Broadband Institute.

She serves on the Town of Hadley School Committee; the WGBY Public Television Board of Tribunes; and the Board of Directors of Rural Development, Inc.

Among his numerous recognitions, the Boston Business Journal named Jay one of Boston ’s 40 most promising up-and-coming businesspeople under the age of 40.

She served as the Chief of Staff for the Regionalization Advisory Commission chaired by Lt.These are common-sense decisions that have been carefully thought out and implemented.And the results are eye-opening: Cronin says the reforms are projected to save more than 0 million, although he acknowledges that the money has not yet been rebated to taxpayers.Bruce Rauner made consolidation a priority of his administration a month after taking office in 2015 when he appointed a task force chaired by Lt. The governor is constantly talking about the high property taxes but is stuck on the idea of freezing them: Perhaps he should consider a musing by Cronin that consolidation would have better success.If there was, say, one levy for all of K-12 education, overhead would be reduced as there would be need for only one superintendent and other administrative posts. The answers likely differ depending on what part of the state you call home, but everything should be on the table.Read the Research Report: The Quest for Cost-Efficient Local Government in New England: What Role for Regional Consolidation?The Great Recession and its aftermath have forced state and local governments to cut costs and seek efficiencies, and budgets are expected to be tight into the foreseeable future.Consolidation won't happen overnight: It’s hard to get rid of a unit of government, and many are entrenched in the communities they serve.But it's past time for all public officials to engage in an ongoing process and work toward laying a firm foundation that encourages efficiencies and allows for consolidation where appropriate.Illinois may be short on cash and be perpetually last (or close-to-last) in any ranking that would paint the Land of Lincoln in a flattering light, but there is one area where the state unfortunately shines.Our state has a knack for creating governments — and therefore taxes — for just about anything. Having numerous, oftentimes redundant units of government that can all levy taxes is a key reason why property taxes are among the highest in the nation.

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