Consolidating i4

The job of engineering is more comprehensive than just creating designs.Engineers also need to solve issues that are related to their design – not leave it to the others.For queries on Taobao related matters, you may like to contact Taobao SEA directly at helpline 8 (Singapore number) or their Facebook page. At the moment this post is published I have had time to digest the latest PLMx conference organized by Market Key. For me it was a conference with mixed feelings this time and I will share more details a little further on.It was an easy and fuss-free process registering for a Taobao account.

With the launch of International Parcel Forwarding Service (IPFS) in Singapore – and Malaysia too!

If you have any other queries, or wish to receive the latest updates and promotions, you can now follow Taobao Southeast Asia on their Facebook page.

(Updated 20: I am closing the comments on this post as it is nearly three years old and since then, there have been many changes on Taobao that the information in this post may no longer be relevant.

Engineering should consider themselves as a service provider of information to the rest of the company, providing the full information associated with a design, instead of behaving like extreme, intelligent people who need more resources to translate and complete their work.

Grand statements although during Q&A it became clear that also Mettler-Toledo did not have the magic bullet to get an organization work integrated.

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