Christian chat on sex addiction

In the first counseling session, your therapist will safely begin to gather information about your sexual behaviors, provide information on tools for getting free from those behaviors, begin identifying the underlying issues of the addiction, and give direction on beginning your journey of healing and freedom from the addictive behaviors.Sex Addiction group counseling is an effective part of the healing process and is foundational to deep healing.continue reading »When struggling with sexual addiction, it can become very isolating.

Sexual addiction is a heavy burden to bear, both for the person with the addiction and for those they love.These wounds are not always easily seen or known by the personal struggling with sexual addiction.The sexual addictive behaviors originally begin as “solutions” to feeling lonely, rejected, or abandoned.At Bellevue Christian Counseling we offer hope and support for those who suffer because of sexual addiction.We believe in the redemptive promises of Christ Jesus, and we are here to see you through until that promise is revealed in your life.The sexual behaviors have become a coping mechanism to deal with internal pain, fear of being hurt, fear of being abandoned, and terror of being shamed.Our sexual addiction therapists understand this fear and create a therapeutic environment that is safe, never shaming, fully accepting, and provides direction for recovery and healing.We understand how sensitive this issue is for you, as well as the many other feelings you harbor.If you’re tired of living a life of shame, secrecy, and desperation, it might be time to give Christian counseling for sexual addiction a try.If you are struggling with sexual addictive behaviors and have come to a place of wanting to finally get free, please don’t hesitate another minute to contact our center to setup a time to meet with a qualified, trained sexual addiction counselor.Call our center at 303-933-5800 or fill out our contact form to request more information. If married, nearly all wives of sex addicts are traumatized by the lies, deceptions, and betrayal, and they need treatment too.

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