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We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued support. Jan 2002 hi shaggy i got hotshot ur cd for my mom fof christmas she loves it so you should be happy ok man g2g0 0k laterz kool my dude ? Is he a downright clean person or someone who do not mind a bit of cybersex or someone who is downright dirty? i met someone to and we both r married, he is separated and i well i haven't had a marrriage in long time. and we first just started talking and we became friends and then we started to open up to each other. Which is part of the foundation process where potential clients can also surf the sites categories for future products and services. If this interests you, please visit our site located at: 3. I am working on a wellness directory/healthy yellow pages that will be coming out in July. and i hope trough this site i found a nice and a good friend who want to chat me. Apr 2002 Me and my babe got misunderstanding,and we separate for good two years but now we are back again like before,so i need some letter to sent to her in other to promise her that i will never let her down and i thank God i found her back,i will always be with her,give the rest of my life, no matter how far she is to me. Apr 2002 I sent an anonymous letter to someone I feel is worth giving this piece to. May 2002 je suis homme le plus heureux de mondejeune d'origine algerien ag de 28anje travail dans un lycee comme enseignant j'aime les voyages la plage la musique et le sport et mes sentiments les plus distingees j'attends de tes nouvelles bey votre sincere yazid Date: 22. I WANT To thank to our heavily father for our wonderful life in this place in salem. Bring Leilani here to me - To the sands of Waikiki.

Be sure to visit the rest of our Very Delicious Web Site and also check out thousands of great potential friends right here on our site. ps rite back to me wen u get this kool beans or wat? Jan 2002 If there is anyone out there who wants a girl full of power you better e-mail me know i love boys with blue eyes and blonde hair so come on what are you waitinhg for giv me a snog Date: 5. We can control what sort of people we want to chat with. Sometimes, we can test a person; is he or she as clean as he or she shows himself or herself to be? He lives in another country and i in the us, but we fell in love after time and we plan to meet in a couple of months, he is coming to states to meet me. we talk all the time on im and send emails back and forth, we also call each other on our cell phones, i know it sounds wierd, and im the first to admitt that cyber love and phone sex was sick, but u see there were walls built around me and he slowly broke them down,he was very patient with me, anyone else, would have called it quits. i am someone special thanks to this show i know that now. It is absurd that we celebrate romance only once a year! Thank you very much for letting me to sign this website. Some may be against it..others may think its romantic, but he's my math teacher. For all of my families and all of my friends or my relatives all of you welcome to my email and please everytimes to wel come to call me .......... May 2002 i liked this site and i think a person who is waiting for a dream person may be this site help us to meet one day i am waiting for my dream mate too meet one day where she is when she willl come i dont no and the same thinking might be her .thanks subu Date: 24. Jones 05/17/2002) Come shine, my Aloha moon - On the shores of Waikiki. Bring Leilani here to me - To the sands of Waikiki. (instrumental) Come shine, my Aloha moon - On these words of love so true.

An erotic communication between two people online via text, audio or video chat.

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Happy New Year 2002 your Super Friend : Anfrando Maiola the real Koto. it kinda sucks that you and him feel so strongly for each other and cant be together because of your famliy now..i hope everything works out... Mar 2002 If this is a true story I am really friked out cause the only guy I loved Is named Matthew. I would try to be a Perfect guy I will Know how to make you smile when you are down. hey cuzzo it's me line in oaktown california!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN LOVE YOU LOSE YOUR SLEEP IN LOVE YOU LOSE YOUR DREAM IN LOVE YOU LOSE ALL YOUR LIFE. Jan 2002 well.....havent signed in like 3 years so i just kame in to do that.....havent seen you in the rooms a while. well yeah i'm from cali and i aint doin' a damn thing juss chillen and my uncle's crib on a saturday afternoon...alright i'm finnah get ready for church... Finally after hearing the show we decided to be ourselves and let out kinky world show. The Satanic Bible often mentions words and terms such as "symbolic", "archetype," and "by proxy." Ritual is largely psychological... i was doing some research, how he's a capicorn and i'm a picses and those two signs are a strudy match, both water signs, our fights don't last long, and we can help each other out. I like, I do everything, through sports, to indoor activeties. hit me up at my email address:[email protected]: 17. hope to see you back in soon ALOHA o9h hp 26. a working psychodrama serving to "exorcise" draining and useless emotions or weighty thoughts. See i think my math teacher is jes a lil crush type thing.with this "destined" guy, i REALLY feel like ((it was meant to be)) its like one of those things "you just know", i do know that if he doesn't feel the same way, i shouldn't take it badly...after all we are spending a great amount of time together, i just wish it would never end, he's currently in a relationship with a girl whose name is the same as mine but SPELLED differently. If your wondering if you should talk to me, I'll leave that descision up to you, bye Francis Date: 2. I am a white, medium build, franco-american, brown hair, hazel eye's, I am very lovable, - there's soo much I can say that I don't know what would make you want to chat with me? I dont know how to search for a guy that can love me and care for me, and also I need an handsome guy that I can be boast ofand can be proud of. Step out in faith: Experience the Awesome Reality of God. Sep 2002 I'lld like you to advise me o this problem: I'm inlove with a guy who has his girl-friend, he also loves me. Sep 2002 Looking for someone, preferally a female that i can chat with from the beautifull island and State of Hawiie that i can converse with. And probabley the worst pain is to love hopelessly. If you're interested go to Love Love Compass Dating Services Network Date: 6. Well i know some ppl wont agree,but some pll are stupid also,man it was years ago when i first came here,its hard to b-leev that i have been fu*king around on the web for that long.i owe H. i'll just wait and see for the result of this message to the hawaii chat universe..regards to all!!! Jun 2002 hi friends i am india punjbai boy i like to make new friends(girl)if any girl want to be my friend then mail me at [email protected], this is so so nice side i like it so much Date: 17. There's soo much to say, so little room to put it all in under. Aug 2002 I love watching anything love so that i can gain mire expirience from it. Aug 2002 My URL instructs us about our Eternity (sign the guestbook): How inevitably both are determined and molded by the choices we make in our voyage home to the Father; This URL is both a stairway AND a roadmap TO that Utopian Domicile. My contact details are sa follows; cell number;0 Postal address;house no;163 Ga-Rankuwa 0208 Date: 12. Sep 2002 well, i want to know more about love and the people that can give true love to fellows with broken heart and how their heart can be healed. With ll loves the pain of seperation, of waiting , of possession,,, and the fear of losing... I have eventually found your website and I think it may make use of our offer. We may install you a dating services software at no cost an you will even earn money connecting people. If your wondering if you should talk to me, I'll leave that descision up to you, bye Date: 24. My name is Mohammad Sakhi i am from Panjshir Afghanistan Now i live in pakistan i am 16 Years and i like to have a friend in chatting as my age i don't care weather that is male or female . If your intersed to make friendship with me you can email me and I hope you send youre photo and I hope to hear from you soooooooon Ok bye my love Khaled My email is : [email protected] Date: 29. I want to touch you and make love to you over and over and over. Damn you for dissing me, damn you to eternity with me!!! i don't mean any disrespect to the writers, it's just COME ON... you might be trusting and believe everything that the person says, but you'll never know the real person he/she is. I am looking for someone to share it with i`m loyal. I beleave that friendship and love being loyal commitment telling the truth and lots of communication is a best place to start a relationship. Nov 2002 I have this girlfriend named raven dawkins is triping honey she act like her new boy friend denzel dawkins is not gay but he is here's her number 487-52-56 and his callhim:488-28-53 Date: 26. I'm nice, open/mature minded, and kind of mischevious. I like, I do everything, through sports, to indoor activeties. Jun 2002 Hello (I am looking for someone who can I call friend.) Name: khaled.(from saudi arabia-jeddah) I am: sweet - loving - romantic -handsome Sex: male nice guy -good looking Eyes and hair colour: black Weight: 62 kg Height: 172 cm Hoby: self-defense - travelling - and any thing intersted by youth. my problem is that I don't want to hurt her and I don't want to lose him. To want something that's not yours ,can never be...... Its an emotion U feel from the mind, heart, stomach,: you can't define Oct 2002 i just think that some of these breakup stories are kind of lame. find someone in real life that can make it happen for you don't try and be with someone you don't even know. I just moved from Philadelphia to this lovely place "Hawaii", and wanna make some female friends to hang out with. (instrumental) On the isle they call Kauai - a flower for your hair. I would also like to congratulate those who have successfully met their soul mates, and to those who have not, I'm encouraging them to keep on looking- pliz guys, Don't lose hope- Don't forget that the darkest hour is before dawn. Nov 2002 I really don't have much to say about the lovelife site because this is my first time entering it and i really haven't taken a tour guide of it yet so i'll get back to you on that!! I beleave the more you know about each other the beter the relationship will be. I will Always gives you a peck on the cheek when we depart from each others company, even when my friends are watching. i am 20 years old and relly need a good seeing boys hear from yas soon. Nov 2002 This is a very stimulating and interesting page ever seen in the net. It is very nice and knowledge abel u have good thinking, u can improve our knowledge, Also look- ing,prety loovly and sensear girl for friendship.u interested u contect waiting. Nov 2002 ############################### Could somebody send a postcard for my mother: "Ma, I'm here. I like to do wood working playing games with my kids meeting people and travel thats all I can think of for now if you want to know more about just ask I will do my best to answer your questions. (Creator of this Web site - aka Luckiest Guy in Hawaii) HAPPY NEW YEAR 2002 ! It's another new year and we're thankful for the opportunities that present themselves to us. We girls Don't want no minute man or an unexperienced tongue... Feb 2002 I am new to your website, heard you on the Tom Likis show and were intereted in information on the G-spot. being here in this site is a great privelege,it's the best opportunity to those you are seeking for love thru cyberspace........ We will help both women and men in a quest to achieve heighten sensual harmony through the touch of a button. COM represents intelligent sensuality for all adult themed products without the use of X-rated visuals. I'm currently a student at the Cape Technikon,2nd year-Sport Management and 20-year-old. Feb 2002 Hi, i am sonam yangden and it was such a pleasure to visit this site and as well i am so interested in guys with cute dimple if you have then do mail me and catch me at any time. Mar 2002 When One person love other so third or anyone should not get interfear in love cast relegion nothing comes in middle love is only love nothing else............... Mar 2002 hi i'm having a problem with my man.i don't want to have sex so to him it's like i don't love him,whres i know that ilove can i do because i don't like sex and i'm 19 yrs. Mar 2002 I would love for the person/peoples in charge of making this chat house come to life long ago....i was in maui, when i was about 12 when i started chatting here. And please dont forget to sign my book, I want to know all my friends. By the way l am a twenty two year old guy who would like to associate with females of around my age who share the same ideology l have about love. Mar 2002 l am a Zimbabwean currently at university doing agric-economics.l believe that true love exist in this world and that it takes patience and exposure that is guided for one to strike the gold. u need to add a few more exciting things like pics of people like girls in lays or sumthin like that okay. Jones 3-26-2002) Like the gentle winds that blow there - is my love for you. I will Come up behind you and put my arms around you. I want to thank you for visiting our on-line home here at Love This site will host new product lines and themes that will be a new standard for fun and excitement, yet sensual for all adults. COM first phase of production is a new product line, consisting of the traditional games of BACKGAMMON; CHECKERS; CHESS; DOMINOS AND OTHELLO with overlapping romance rules for couples. By the way l am a twenty two year old guy who would like to associate with females of around my age who share the same ideology l have about love. Mar 2002 My daughter thought she heard on your radio show that a Dr. if u change it i will tell mah frans to come and check out ur site aights=) well buh-bye........ Mar 2002 THIS WEBSITE LOOKS REALLY FINE, GOOD, NEAT & EXCELLENT. WAT' A NICE ORGANIZED & STANDARD WEBSITE I'VE EVER SEEN. people feel very ashamed to talk about their love life. Sweet Leilani's here with me - On the sands of Waikiki. Hand in hand we strolled the sands - my love's still true.

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