Cats dating video

Look at a dozen profile pics, and at least one will be taken while sitting in a car. Cats would also hop onto the car-pic bandwagon, although theirs would be taken inside a carrier. People actually use some blurry-a** selfie as their primary profile pic, and they think, “This is is one that’s gonna reel in my true love.” They have to think that, because why else would they use it?

Desperate cats might also utilize a blurry selfie for the same reasons humans do, which continues to be a mystery.

There’s this group of men who must feel like they want the ladies to know that this is what they’re all about. Perhaps they’re also communicating something about the size of their “fish.” With cats, I guess this is more understandable, but still. If potential dates want you to know they’re partiers, they’re going to show it in their profile pics. Cats love a party, and they become way more comfortable in front of the camera after a few leaves of the nip.

They’re either holding a drink, full-out partying at a luau, or making the “wooo! Now this isn’t just the menfolk who take these pics. There would definitely be plenty o’ nip faces as profile pics. This isn’t in the same category as “blurry selfie,” but there’s some overlap.

They posted pic after pic of themselves weightlifting and muscle-flexing.

I know a lot of people get into that business, but it was a total turn-off to me.

Cats know they look their very best all the time, and they don’t need duck lips to prove it; however, they love drama and would be all over this kind of profile pic.

What kind of online dating pic would your cat have?

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Much like Dream Daddy, Purrfect Date is a dating simulator.

You then meet a bunch of cats you can date, including Floofybutt, Kibbles, and Mc Murphy, to get to know the cats (who can talk, FYI) and find out more about the island.

Don’t stress – there’s nothing sexual about it, so it’s actually quite sweet.

I’d like to think that the awkward find the awkward, and everyone lives happily ever after.

I ran across several bios of men who really wanted to flaunt their virility.

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