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Despite being forbidden by her mother from competing, a disguised Diana handily bests her sisters in various events — including jousting atop the island’s indigenous Kangas (Diana’s giant kangaroo is named Jumpa).Ultimately, Diana prevails (usually after one last contest to deflect bullets) and is reluctantly named champion by her mother.Programs by nature are more complex: more players, more interests, more uncertainties, and a longer time-lag to measure impact or the lack of it.The risk is that this complexity translates into drift, lack of attention to effectiveness of cost efficiency, internal confusion and no external ownership.While instruments to implement straightforward projects are common, we tend to be less well equipped when implementing programs, particularly when the programs involve a combination of institutional measures, changes in behaviour, multiple financing mechanisms and a relatively large distance between financer and implementer.

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Ares has been systematically destroying the gods of Olympus, and Hippolyta knows that if he discovers Diana, he will try to kill her next.

The movie sticks with Themyscira as the name for the island, although Steve Trevor pays tribute to the original moniker by jokingly referring to the locale as “Paradise Island.” In both the comics and the film, the island is obscured from the outside world through the actions of the gods: In the comics, it’s typically Athena’s handiwork; in the film, it’s Zeus’s.

Diana’s training In the comics, the gods alert the Amazons to an encroaching threat from Man’s World; Hippolyta calls for a contest of skill to determine the greatest warrior, who will be sent off to thwart the menace.

The film, however, does away with the Amazon Olympics.

Instead, Diana secretly trains with her aunt Antiope (Robin Wright), with whom she begins to harness her godlike abilities so that she will be ready to save the world when duty calls.

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