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On September 21,2007, you sent a letter to Justin Leonard, complaining about criticisms of Direct Buy on the web sites and

These web sites give users of infomercial products the ability to post either criticisms of infomercial products or sales practices that they consider to be scams, or defenses of such products or processes.

The owner of the site responded and some of the comics were taken down, He still had a ton of my comics hosted without credit, but the energy it would take to get him to take them down wasnt worth it.

I thought the issue was done and over with so I let him be. Dont you miss the days when I posted 2 comics a week, instead of writing rebuttals to Forbes and dealing with bullshit like this? Ive annotated the letter below as well as outlned how Im going to deal with this.

This is a plain example of opinion based on disclosed facts unless you have some information suggesting that the stated facts are false.

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(Attachment F.) Because the quoted statements tend to injure Funny Junk in its trade, business or profession, and accuse it of the crime of willful copyright infringement, they lay the basis for a defamation claim actionable in damages. I know that if Funny Junk disappeared fifty other clones would pop up to take its place overnight, but I felt I had to say the oatmeal wants to sue funnyjunk and shut it down!

Instead of suing in Canada, why not bring suit in Tashkent?

At least youd get an exotic trip out of it, and litigation in a totalitarian state would be more consistent with the view that the Internet makes it too easy for consumer criticisms to be heard.

(Attachment B.) However, that string of apparently useless hyperlinks put the phrase funnyjunk into the source code for the page twenty-eight (28) times (Attachment C), thus causing The to come up whenever funnyjunk is punched into the Google search engine. [L]iterally false advertisements are enjoinable without reference to the advertisements impact on the buying public. Accordingly, demand is hereby made upon you to perform the following remedial acts on or before June 12, 2012: (1) Remove all mention of Funny Junk and Funny from The from your website and any other website over which you have control.

(Attachment D.) The Alexa stats for The are equally revealing, showing that the Query Popularity of funnyjunk is 42, nearly as popular oatmeal itself, at 44. (2) Deliver to me a check in the amount of ,000 payable to the order of Funny Junk, LLC. Very truly yours, Charles Carreon by hosting stolen content and covering their website with like this on Facebook buttons.

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