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Fortunately, modders are still working overtime to try to fix them.

Alexis said students are even upset over the incident, even some of the boys.

"They feel like that could be [their] little sister and it's just not right," said Alexis.

The aunt of a 15-year-old said her niece was pressured into having sex while at school.

"Her intentions were skipping class and she said she skipped with one of the young men, but when she got to the area where he took her to, three other boys were there," said the aunt who did not want to be identified.

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  1. Prostitution was tolerated in Spain throughout the mediaeval period, until the 17th century and the reign of Phillip IV (1621–65) whose 1623 decree closed the mancebías (brothels) forcing the women out into the street, a very unpopular decision, but one that remained in place till the 19th century.