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but its also true that they hav short temper like when i said something that he doesnt like or he thinks is nonsense he would scold me non stop. :-)but there was this another libra girl that she met 3 years ago that he claims his BESTFRIEND but i cant seem to trust the girl though she also has a boyfriend.

i would erupt like a volcano whenever i know that the girl is trying to communicate with him eventhough i told her to stay away.

maybe bcoz shes also a libra that i am feeling this way?

as a Libran myself i know how i can be flirtatious sometimes though i dont mean to, right I love Libra girl since 2 year I am chatting to her.....

Anyways so now I end up with another Sagittarius ugh.he is the total opposite of my ex so I'm quite confused.

I like this one more because he offers me the balance I'm looking for so far and he's not jealous and any of that.

I've only been dating my sagittarius boyfriend for a year and 4 months. But we always manage to see that little things aren't worth the big storms but my main thing is communication. He can just run his mouth and almost not know it was hurtful.

Literally we know each other so well it's crazy. You're right about our hurtful words..are very short tempered, and in the moment of anger we can say many things, and often we regret it soon, unless it is deserved.

Look at the union between a Sagittarius man and a Libra woman. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Libra and Cancer compatibility article on this relationship first.I also have a Libra man guide and Cancer woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship.So, in gatherings, the Libra woman catches the admiring glances of all the men around. But its possible for our relationship to exist simply because we are able to understand and respect the compromises we make for one another, without that our love would be meaningless. What does not break you will only make you stronger. The sag I'm with is the biggest lier I ever came across. He is very attentive which I love, he has never changed, he is the same guy that I fell in love with when I was a teenage girl.Sagittarius man, surviving the crisis mark of the struggle for freedom and captivity, will, with surprise, discover that he cannot breathe without the one that all these years was with him, mostly as a girlfriend to a party. For every trial we both pass our flame only burns hotter for one another. His reason that he want to have sex with me is because he likes me. He was stubborn and no matter how strategic and politely wrapped my request were he fought to do things his way. He doesn't know what he wants though he swears there's no one like me. Being the libra i am just want him to be honest amd let me decide if i want to deal with him or not. We are still young I'm sure we will have more bumps in the road in the future.and it seems like we cant get enough of each other.he's never jealous of my male friends and he never tried to hold me off them so i love him more coz i hate people controlling me.Libra woman should understand from the first meeting that Sagittarius should not be re-made, she should not teach and reproach him, but just be with him in any situation. He lied on multiple occasions and dreaded being open. It might be because I don't think he will stay with me.The Sagittarius man really wants to be proud of his woman, and the zodiac sign Libra is complicated and organized. He's never been married and sometimes he starts talking about his ex girlfriend like he's boasting about her.This discovery will act also as a sudden open window for a flame: draught will catch him up, and turn into a universal fire of love to which the Sagittarius man aspires now, and from which he so cowardly tried to escape - some time ago. I know a Sagittarius man and he's and asshole. I had sex with him one time and it wasn't all that great I am married to a SAG and I am a Libran woman. but once we got married if it's not about him then it's not going to happen. He is still in contact with his former female friends and will go out of the way for them ... His apologies are not genuine and honestly we were better friends than being married. Always doing the sweetest most subtle things one minute and needing space the next. But he lie for no reason and I be knowing the truth. We are still both young and we go thru the hard times of a relationship. Patience with one another is very important in this relationship.According to the compatibility horoscope, this couple will become a strong union, after going through all the storms of a relationship together. I known him about 18 months and he get angry if I say no. When he is confronted with a question about his behavior he will say charge it to my head and not my heart and continue to do things his way ... He always felt the need to remind me that a man of his caliber didn't have to do the extra but he did those things for me bc he wanted to be with me. What should I do Me and my Sag boyfriend have been together for 5 years... Other than that, this duo is one of the strongest couples.

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