Anderson cooper dating andy cohen

The national tour visits Denver’s Buell Theatre on Feb. (Glenn Kulbako, Provided by Bohlsen Group) Can someone who’s been famous for most of his life also be down to earth?

But he has so many friends and is genuinely enthusiastic and positive about everything.

Q: Marketing materials describe it as “unscripted” and “uncensored.” Do you get political?

A: All the stories are true, but things are so polarized now and it’s really not political. Q: You’ve known Andy since you were both in your early 20s. How do you complement or challenge each other’s personalities?

He has so many bizarre celebrity encounters on any given day that it’s exhausting, but I find it unbelievably funny.

Literally every day he’ll call me up and say, “I was walking my dog and I ran into Cameron Diaz! I’m sort of grumpy when I travel, but Andy likes doing the show because it’s like hanging out with the best of me for two hours.

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