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Im pretty sure he loves his family by the way he talked.. All info we have is the video, where he never specifies what kind of infidelity he is talking about.Could've been a drunk kiss on a twitch party, or maybe he had fuck buddy for months.So it's very unlikely that anyone not being his friends/family knows more than is being said in the video. Idfwun this guy honest thats what men respect ya fucking twat.

kinda weird that some people take it so personalhuh? Sex sometimes is "ramming", nothing wrong with that : P Some like it gentle, some like it rough, some like both.Travelling around, meeting young and hot women who wants to sleep with him constantly.Guess at some point he just couldn't resist the urge.We simply don't know, so we shouldn't jump to conclusions.Just my opinion tho : DAnyway, no matter what happens, if his wife gives him another chance, she won't trust him as much as she used to anymore. I actually think that some people might know better than myself, I really rarely watch doc, he's pretty boring to me but he has some hardcore fans.Back to the fact that women do these things, they do them from evolutionary fact as well.Did you know that from pov of women which has a partner, she will have a special type of orgasm which helps to get pregnant only 1 time from 100 with her partner, but with random guy she will have them 80 times out of 100?Well you want to tell me that women is smart if she lets the guy have a sex?It is not stupid to watch at evolution, it is accutaly completely fine and right thing to do.This does actually sound plausible from a procreation perspective as it would somewhat drive women to have children with as many men as possible and as such diversifying the human genetic pool making it more resilient.Edit: it could also be the "naughty exciting" bit about being with a "random" guy though I guess :)It definetly isnt 100% accurate, but the samples were taken from 100k people, and from 1k samples came up that 27% of children werent their.

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